Herbal Drinks - Relax

Ancient Egyptians were highly innovative in using Herbs in different ways in food and beverage.

Relax Herbal Drinks unveil the secrets that your body can benefit as; remedy strengthening & immunity in which Ancient Egyptians discovered in natural herbs.

Relax Herbal Drinks are Caffeine Free and All Natural refreshing drinks.

Relax Herbal Drinks are the best to provide your body with many vitamins, minerals in natural balance and harmony.

Relax is a drink made of the finest natural herbs from Upper Egypt, where Mom spent a great part of her life ; details in Mom’s Food Story

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  What specific claim can Relax Herbal Drinks make against its competitive set?

* Shelf Stable……
Freshly Shelf Stable Herbal Drinks that doesn’’t need to be child

* Made from Real Herbs....
Not from Concentrate, only made from Real Herbs extract

* 12 Months Shelf Life with high Food Hygiene..
Top of the Art Food Science Technology in terms of Food Preservation without Preservatives.

* Product Variety……
Exclusive product range all over the world; more than 8 flavors

* All Natural……
No Preservative, No Additives
No Colors , No Flavorings

* 1000 ml (33.8 FL.OZ.)……
Convenience for cafés & restaurants as well as for Retail as Take Home item

* 250 ml (8.50 FL.OZ.)……
The right size for Hotels Mini Bars & Outlet Sales as well as Retail & Convenience Stores as Impuls item

Relax Herbal Drinks;
When Innovation & Home Made Taste Come Together

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